Welcome! This Fellowship overview will answer all your questions about the Fellowship and the TF13 Cohort

🎯 Transcend Fellowship Goals

Our 6-week curriculum is highly focused on supporting founders identify the exact stage they are on their journey to product market fit. This diagnosis allows them to hyperfocus their customer experimentation at that stage during the first few week of the fellowship.

In the second half of the fellowship we walk you through how your track record and customer experiments can greatly empower your fundraising strategy as you build your startup as a movement.

Throughout this program you are actively supported by:

🙌 Benefits of joining the Transcend Fellowship

Here is a short overview we made for a recent applicant that walks through some key benefits of joining us in the Transcend Fellowship:


🪜The 5 steps of our Product Market Fit Ladder

Our program is based on John Danner’s PMF framework. You can review the central concept to our program here our 5 stages of our product market fit ladder below. Diagnosing ourselves on this ladder is an important first step we take together.


<aside> 💡 Which stage would you want to hyperfocus your customer experiments?


🧪 Weekly customer experiments

To support fellows in building their customer experiments and diligently track their results in their Transcend Fellow Experiment Tracker, founders are placed in accountability groups where each fellow is working on relatively similar niche customer personas, here are a few examples of past accountability groups we’ve created: